An encapsulation of the Nav for the sidebar of the page.

  • <Sidenav> Side navigation component.
  • <Sidenav.Header> Navigates the header content.
  • <Sidenav.Body> Navigation body content.


import { Sidenav, Nav, Dropdown } from 'rsuite';

// or
import Sidenav from 'rsuite/lib/Sidenav';
import Nav from 'rsuite/lib/Nav';
import Dropdown from 'rsuite/lib/Dropdown';




appearance value include:default,inverse,subtle

Collapsed Menu

Custom Side Navigation

  • Set the panel property to customize a panel area.
  • Set the divider property and set a split line.



Property Type (Default) Description
activeKey string Activation option, corresponding menu eventkey
appearance enum: 'default', 'inverse', 'subtle' ('default') Menu style
as ElementType ('div') You can use a custom element type for this component
classPrefix string ('sidenav') The prefix of the component CSS class
defaultOpenKeys string[] Open menu, corresponding to Dropdown eventkey
expanded boolean (true) Whether to expand the Sidenav
onOpenChange (openKeys: string[], event) => void Menu opening callback function that changed
onSelect (eventKey: string[], event) => void Select the callback function for the menu.
openKeys string[] Open menu, corresponding to Dropdown eventkey (controlled)